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    Welcome to the website of Matteo Faben, sculptor of unique and personalized marble works. A sculpture made of marble expresses many meanings, but it also has some kind of added value, like the sentimental value which it assumes over time; it can be considered an alternative investment, too. Find the types of marble sculptures I use to make and my marble works already created.

    The Marble

    Lavorazione del marmo Marble is used since ancient times as a material for sculpture and architecture. The low index of refraction of calcite allows light to "penetrate" into the surface of the stone before being reflected, this gives to this material (and especially to white marble) a special brightness, which make it particularly valued for sculpture. The Carrara marble (for the Romans marmor lunensis, "Luni marble") is a type of Marble which cames from the quarries of the Apuan Alps in the territory of Carrara, universally known as one of the most precious marbles.

    The Project

    Il progetto

    The Project

    Through this website, I would like to show my works, all unique and made of Marble by hand carving.

    In addition to presenting my work as my real passion of life, in particular for the world of marble sculpture in art, the site has been developed in web 2.0. So visitors can interact with me by leaving comments and criticisms on my works or giving a score to my creations.

    These new tools can help to contribute to my artistic and constantly evolving journey.

    Enjoy your visit!

Marble sculptures

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